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Services Description Indoor & Outdoor Banner Printing Surabaya

Banner Is one of the promotional print media made of vinyl which generally has a thickness that is thick and can be large enough. Installation of this banner usually uses a stand called stand-X or roller. In certain conditions such as outdoor promotions, banners are deliberately made in size large enough to attract attention and can be seen clearly by the rider.

Banner Printing Surabaya

You need banner printing services in Surabaya? We provide banner print services for your business. The banners we produce use sophisticated machines and printing equipment to produce the best products. You can specify the size and quality of the banners your company needs.

The banner size we usually produce;

  1. 80 x 180 cm
  2. 60 x 160 cm
  3. 60 x 120 cm
  4. 60 x 160 cm
  5. 25 x 40 cm

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