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Stickers are one paper that has an adhesive that and has various pictures or writing according to what that person has created. Stickers are one of the materials that are often used for promotional materials. One type of sticker is Vinyl Sticker, is a sticker that is often printed by vinyl printing Surabaya and most widely used for promotional materials. This type of sticker has a waterproof nature because the material consists of a mixture of plastic.

Qualified Stickers

We as vinyl printing surabaya provide quality and durable sticker that is usually used for: Branding car, signboard, Neonbox, Glass, etc. In addition to glass is usually the process of sticking stickers on the car using Vinyl Stickers, except on the glass. This sticker has advantages of the design / image produced more colorfull, prices tend to be cheaper because the production process is limited to printing / screen printing.

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