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Flash Stamp

Signet is one of the other Office Tools that can assist our needs in the endorsement such as izajah, notes, contracts, etc. With a seal there is a binding legal force between two or more persons who are bound in its provisions. Cheap stamps Surabaya provides a flash stamp that can be used without ink pads, which means that this stamp stores ink in the rubber. This stamp uses a special rubber that is a flash rubber that can absorb ink and store it in a long time.

Quality Flash Stamp

Cheap stamps Surabaya we produce using a special handle that has a cover on the bottom. This is useful to prevent the ink on the rubber stamp flash does not dry quickly, also serves as a protective rubber flash. Because this rubber can be damaged by light. This stamp is obviously more practical than the runaflek stamp because we do not need to provide the pads anymore. This makes the stamp of this type more widely used than other stamp types.

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