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In the digital era like this, everything that exists in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Surabaya, the use of digital media as a means of information and promotion are widely used. The use of Print Cards media for information or promotion needs is to use a business card. A card that is printed by cheap printers to convey information about a company or individual that is delivered only as a reminder in a formal introduction. Business cards are used to create a good impression or trust in professionalism rather than just mentioning the number of phone numbers, this is also to prevent giving the wrong phone number and misspelling a person's name.

Print Name Card Qualified

Cheap printing generally prints business cards that contain the company name (including company logo) and postal address, phone number, fax number and email, website. Business Cards for a businessman, be it owner or employees especially marketing is very important, for that almost all professional businessman must have it. Business cards themselves have two types according to their function, namely:

- Personal Name Card
  It functions as a personal identifier. Generally, the contents of this type of card
  Is the name, address and contact person who can be contacted.

- Company Name card
  Serves as an identifier. The difference is this type on behalf of
  company. Usually this business card design contains the company name, address, and
  Contact person from company.

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