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Digital Offset

In the digital era like this, everything that exists in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Surabaya, the use of digital media as a means of information and promotion are widely used. Digital printing Surabaya is also known as the digital offset, a printing method of digital-based images, which is usually a file, then can be printed directly in various media in a faster way. Digital offset is the result of the innovation of the development of conventional printing methods, which emerged along with the advancement of world technology that has entered into the digital era.

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The printing machine used also uses sophisticated technology so that the process through which the digital printing process surabaya is more concise lebing. Having advantages does not require pre-printing process such as film making, printing plate (offset), or afdruk screen (screen printing). Therefore digital printing Surabaya is widely used because it can print in small quantities, hundreds of sheets or just one sheet. You do not have to wait long to be able to enjoy the prints from the digital printing press. The price is more economical for small print.

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